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There is a large variety of timber species, colour and features available in timber floors. Since timber is a natural product, it may have a wide variety of natural features and colour variation within the one species. Every timber floor will be unique and may well vary from timber samples or showroom displays. The true colour of a timber floor will only become apparent after it has been sanded and coated with a chosen finish.

Timber flooring products are graded in accordance with the amount of naturally occurring features such as gum vein, knots, checks (thin shrinkage cracks), borer holes (insect markings), etc. The allowances for each grade are set out in Australian Standard AS2796.

Generally the following grades are available:

  • Select Grade: minimum amount of feature. Select grade flooring will contain relatively small and few natural features in the timber which do not dominate the appearance of the floor.
  • Prestige Grade: small amount of feature. Prestige grade flooring will contain more natural features than Select but less than Standard. Sometimes known as Standard & Better.
  • Standard Grade: medium amount of feature. Gum veins, insect trails, burls and borer holes are more prevalent in Standard grade.
  • Feature Grade: high amount of feature. Feature grade flooring is heavily peppered with natural features especially large gum veins.
  • Rustic Grade: extreme amount of feature. Flooring may contain features that are more prominent than Feature grade but does not impact on the structural integrity of the floor.
    All timber flooring products are kiln dried.

All timber flooring products contain a percentage of moisture. The acceptable moisture content for the supply of timer flooring is between 9% - 14% which is set out in AS2796. Being 'hygroscopic', timber flooring will take up and release moisture throughout its lifespan to remain in balance with its surroundings. This results in a process of natural shrinkage and expansion. Changes are most evident during long periods of either dry or wet conditions. However, local conditions in and around your home also have considerable influence.

Hardness indicates a species' resistance to indentation. Damage to timber flooring may arise from heavy foot traffic, stiletto heels, the moving of furniture and the like which can cause concentrated pressure to the timber surface. Hardness is measured with a 'Janka' rating. The higher the rating number the more resistant the timber species is to indentation.

Your timber floor will display all its natural features and colours following sanding and finishing. The type of floor finish will also have an influence on the overall appearance of your timber floor. Surface finishes such as polyurethane will form a clear 'film' on top of the timber floor whilst penetrating finishes such as oils and waxes are absorbed into the surface of the timber floor. Solvent borne polyurethane finishes will darken or 'yellow' the timber through UV exposure and over a period of time your newly finished timber floor will change in colour shades. Water borne polyurethane finishes are classified as 'non-yellowing' and will maintain the natural colour of the timber floor. Penetrating oils and waxes, whilst naturally tinted by nature, are also classified as 'non-yellowing' and provide the most natural and raw timber finish look. 

Floor finishes do not prevent timber movement and should not be expected to provide a barrier against moisture loss or moisture ingress.
Floor finishes do not improve the hardness of timber flooring, they are designed to enhance the natural colours and features of a finished timber floor. Gloss finishes will reflect more light from windows and internal lighting and as such will highlight dust, scratches and minor sanding marks.

A finish similar to that of fine furniture cannot be achieved nor can it be expected. Timber floors are not sanded and finished in a dust free environment and some pieces of flooring will sand differently to others in the same floor.

Constraints at the edges of the floor, air movement within the building and the use of rotary sanding machines means that most floors will contain some imperfections such as dust particles, gloss variation and light sanding marks. The overall assessment of the floor should be taken from a standing position during daylight hours and from positions usually occupied by people.





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