Bamboo Timber Flooring Geelong

Kemellies offer a range of solid strand woven Bamboo flooring in many colours. Sourced from sustainable bamboo plantations and with a hardness rating higher than most hardwoods, Bamboo flooring is a great alternative. 


With a patented locking system, our bamboo flooring is easy to install as a floating floor without the need for glue or nails. Approved underlay is supplied with each selection from 14 colours available in our range. Manufactured by cold press technology and finished with 8 layers of low sheen waterbased coating, our strand woven bamboo flooring is of the highest quality available on the market.


Our complete range of solid strand woven bamboo floors are certified by GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia) making them a green alternative to traditional hardwood timber flooring. Our bamboo flooring is made from mature Moso bamboo poles sourced from FSC certified plantations. Bamboo poles are harvested, on average, every five years from the self propagating plant which is rapidly renewable. The speed of growth results in bamboo plantations removing more carbon from the atmosphere than a natural timber forest.

Bamboo Flooring Geelong

Our collection of solid bamboo floors are a blend of naturally occurring colours and exciting introduced tones. Natural colours develop during the manufacturing process and, like timber, display a variety of natural shades and grain. Introduced tones are added to the bamboo surface during finishing to create stunning bold designs.


The high levels of compression achieved during the manufacturing process results in an extremely dense solid plank which is highly durable and stronger than the hardest of the available hardwood timber flooring species, such as Spotted Gum and Iron Bark. This gives our customers peace of mind that our range of bamboo flooring can withstand wear and tear from kids and is suitable for high traffic applications.




When it comes to bamboo floors, nobody does them better than Kemellies of Geelong. As specialists in providing all kinds of wooden floors, we offer one of the best selections of solid strand woven bamboo floors Geelong has to offer.

Our bamboo floors are available in a wide choice of colours, making them a great alternative to other kinds of flooring. So if you’re looking for top quality bamboo flooring, Geelong flooring specialists Kemellies will have exactly what you need.

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Timber Flooring Geelong

The bamboo flooring supplied by Kemellies is sourced from sustainable bamboo plantations, making it a really eco-friendly option. It’s also harder than the majority of other hardwoods, which means that it’s extremely long lasting too.

All our bamboo floor boards are manufactured by cold pressed technology and each board is finished with 8 layers of low sheen water based coating to make our bamboo floorboards some of the most hardwearing and attractive bamboo flooring in Geelong.

Plus, due to its patented locking system, it’s really easy to install without having to use glue or nails, so it’s the perfect solution if you’re planning to put a bamboo floating floor in your home or office.

Bamboo flooring for residential and commercial use

When you choose to lay bamboo wood flooring from our flooring showroom in Geelong, you’ll also get access to our team of expert flooring installers. These are the people who have the experience and expertise to lay your bamboo timber flooring so that it looks good and lasts.

We also supply approved underlay with each of our bamboo floors, so that you get a cushioned floor that feels good underfoot.

Our bamboo flooring looks good and is eco-friendly too

When you buy bamboo wood flooring from Kemellies, you can be sure that you’re getting GECA certified solid strand woven bamboo floorboards which have been manufactured from mature Moso bamboo poles.

As bamboo self-propagates rapidly, there’s a readily available supply, plus the speed at which it grows enables bamboo plantations to remove more carbon from the atmosphere than any other forms of timber forestation.

Geelong Timber

When it comes to bamboo flooring, we think we have the best selection of bamboo floorboards Geelong has available. For starters, it comes in a wide range of natural colourways and tones to produce planks that can be used to create some really bold and stunning designs.

What’s more, as the boards undergo extremely high levels of compression during the manufacturing process, the planks are highly durable and strong. This means that they’re perfect for areas of high traffic.

The advantages of laying a bamboo floor in your Geelong home

As one of the leading suppliers of bamboo floors Geelong has available, we’ve noticed an increase in the number of people choosing bamboo flooring Geelong-wide. And that’s hardly surprising, because bamboo floors offer many advantages over other kinds of flooring, including some hardwoods. 

Bamboo wood flooring is ecologically sound, water resistant and easy to clean

Even though it’s not technically a wood, but a grass, it has many of the properties of hardwood flooring. 

As it reaches maturity in three to five years, it’s considered to be ecologically friendly than hardwoods which can often take up to twenty years or more before they’re mature enough to be used. 

In comparison to hardwood floorboards, bamboo floorboards are more resistant to water damage, stains and warping, although care still must be taken to ensure that it doesn’t get wet or exposed to too much humidity or moisture. This means that it’s not suitable for installation in bathrooms, and may not perform at its best if it’s installed in a kitchen. 

For more advice on laying bamboo floor boards in your kitchen, speak to the team here at Kemellies, your local bamboo flooring specialists in Geelong. 

However, bamboo floors are very easy to maintain. Just like hardwood floors, you simply need to remove small particles and dust with a regular sweep or vacuum, and use a damp mop occasionally to remove any surface stains. Bamboo timber flooring can also be cleaned with a specialist non-wax, non-alkaline bamboo wood floor cleaner to ensure that it keeps its good looks.

Bamboo flooring costs roughly the same as hardwood floors

Although you might expect that laying a bamboo floating floor would be slightly cheaper than a hardwood version, bamboo flooring is priced at roughly the same level as most hardwood flooring. 

And, just like hardwood flooring, the price of bamboo varies according to the quality of the flooring. However, you should avoid using the cheapest bamboo, as it’s often of very low quality. 

At Kemellies, we offer a variety of different standards of bamboo at varying prices, but you’ll find that all our bamboo flooring is the high-quality bamboo flooring Geelong homeowners prefer. 

Your new bamboo floor will last and last and last

One of the most durable flooring options, certain types of bamboo are extremely strong, hard and durable, with strand woven bamboo being the most durable of all. 

This means that when you lay a bamboo floor in your Geelong home, you’re going to get a floor that looks good, performs well and that’s going to last for years. 

However, you should also be aware that bamboo floors do tend to pick up scratches easily, so if you have pets, a tendency to wear high heels, or are always dragging in sand from the beach, it might not be the best choice for you. 

Visit our Geelong flooring showroom now

If you’d like to see our range of bamboo flooring for yourself, visit our Geelong showroom now. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us here at Kemellies by calling (03) 5222 8425.

Kemellies specializes in quality timber flooring in Melbourne, including Melbourne firestreak timber flooring, parquet timber flooring and bamboo timber flooring.

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