Care and Maintenance

Although timber floors may be walked on after the final application of finish has dried, most finishes take up to 14 days to fully cure (or harden) and as such during this time the floor finish is more susceptible to scuffing and scratching. When operating on a timber floor especially during this time, it is advisable to take extra precaution when items such as furniture, fridges and other appliances are moved into position. Often scratches are difficult to remove without repeating the sanding and finishing process.


Preventative measures:

  • Place mats at all external doorways to reduce grit from entering the home
  • Finish landscaping on new homes to reduce grit from blowing into the home
  • Apply soft felt pads to the base of all furniture
  • Install and utilise window furnishings to minimise the impact of direct sunlight
  • Avoid excessive use of heating and cooling appliances
  • Do not wash floor until the finish has fully cured
  • Do not place rugs on the floor until the finish has fully cured
  • Do not place potted plants on the timber floor

Ongoing care and cleaning:

  • Use a soft anti-static mop to collect dirt and dust
  • Wash the floor using a suitable neutral pH wood floor cleaning solution with a damp mop head
  • Do not saturate the floor with water
  • DO NOT use steam mops
  • Wipe all spills and attend to any water leaks immediately