Blackbutt Timber Flooring

Whether it’s for your home, your office or any other personal or commercial property, there’s no doubt that timber flooring is one of the most attractive types of floor finishes that you can choose to install. And when it comes to exploring your options of types of timber flooring and eventually choosing one to suit your requirements, the team here at Kemellies Timber Flooring are the industry experts that you need to speak to.

With respect to our stock, we offer a fantastic selection of timber flooring at Kemellies with all colours and styles as well as grades of timber flooring available. While you may be familiar with the different types and styles of timber, you may not know what the different grades of timber mean for you and the setting in which you are buying the flooring for. Timber grade refers to the number of natural features such as veins, burls or borer holes that can be seen in the timber. There are five different grades – select grade, prestige grade, standard grade, feature grade and rustic grade.
Select grade timber has few natural features and those that are present are relatively small and do not dominate the appearance of the floor.

Prestige grade timber has a small number of features that are greater in number than select grade timber but less than standard grade timber.

Standard grade timber has a medium amount of natural features that are more noticeable than in select or prestige grade timber.

Feature grade timber has a high amount of natural features and often exhibits very large gum veins.

Rustic grade has a significant amount of natural timber features that does not affect the structural integrity of the flooring.

If you would like to see examples of our timber flooring including the various grades, why not visit our Geelong flooring showroom for yourself? It’s open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. Dropping by to see us will also give you the chance to speak to a member of our dedicated and passionate team who will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have or give you some advice on the specific types of flooring that we stock.

Our team can also provide you with advice on how best to care for your timber flooring and how to prevent any accidental damage such as scratching and scuffing. In addition to the expertise of our team, you can also try our Timber Floor Selector where you can choose a kitchen colour and wall colour and then try the different timber styles to see which fits best. We stock blackbutt timber flooring and oak timber flooring among many other variances.

Although based in Geelong, we also service customers across Ballarat, Bendigo and Colac. So, no matter where you are, getting in contact with us is easy – you can give us a call on (03) 5222 8425 or you can leave us your question or comment by completing our online contact form. However you wish to get in contact with us, the team at Kemellies will be happy to help.