Tasmanian Oak Timber Floors

Regardless of the number of timber floors you come across, you will never find two hardwood timber floors that look alike. This is due to the natural features of hardwood timber such as gum veins, insect trails, burls and borer holes which appear at varying frequencies depending in the grade of the timber. At Kemellies Timber Flooring, we are proud to bring a fantastic range of hardwood timber flooring including the best oak timber flooring, and parquetry flooring.

In recent years, the popularity of oak floors has surged with many Australian homeowners opting for this warm and inviting hardwood as their choice of timber flooring.

There has also been a corresponding jump in the use of engineered timber flooring with oak as a top layer. By going down this route, you get the appearance and style of oak with the stability and easy maintenance of an engineered timber floor.



Tasmanian Oak Floorboards

Oak floors such as Tasmanian Oak timber flooring have a unique texture and grain that sets them apart from many other types of hardwood flooring. If a colour or stain is added to an oak floor, those grains and textures are magnified to wonderful effect.

Once finished with a high quality UV surface lacquer or natural oil, you can expect to enjoy your hardwood oak floor for many years to come. If you would like to see the many different types and styles of oak flooring that Kemellies can offer you, why not call into our showroom in Geelong?

Here you can browse our many examples of fine oak flooring as well as examples of our bamboo and speciality flooring and our selection of flooring products. Our helpful team will also be on hand to assist you with any questions you might have. At Kemellies Timber Flooring, we do our best to ensure that you have the optimum customer experience from start to finish. 



Tasmanian Timber Floorboards

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