Firestreak Timber Flooring

Welcome to Kemellies; we’re Victoria’s residential and commercial timber flooring experts. We lay all different types of wood flooring and our products are made using the best quality timber and the most intricate and innovative construction techniques.

As one of the leading suppliers and industry specialists when it comes to the highest quality of timber floors in Melbourne, our team are standing by to help you find the best firestreak timber floor for your space.

Kemellies specializes in quality timber flooring in Melbourne, including Melbourne firestreak timber flooring and parquet timber flooring.

Fire Streak Timber Flooring

  • Firestreak timber floors will bring any boring room to life. Given its many benefits, our Kemellies team are getting an increasing number of requests for firestreak timber flooring.
  • It gives off a sleek, modern look that’s not that easily achieved with other types of timber floors.
  • Firestreak timber floor installation is more commonly done in houses but that doesn’t limit where they can be installed as they can also be installed in all kinds of commercial properties.

Bamboo Flooring

  • We also offer a wide range of solid strand bamboo flooring in an array of different colours. Our bamboo has a hardness rating higher than most hardwood flooring because of the highly reputable places that we source it from.
  • This solidity means our bamboo flooring is extremely hard wearing, making it suitable for commercial properties too.
  • This is a quick and easy floor to install because of its locking system. Bamboo also grows quicker than a timber like oak making it an economical flooring choice.

Oak Floors

  • Our engineered hardwood oak flooring comes in a huge range of different colours and finishes so you’re sure to find something that will perfectly blend in with the space in which it will be installed.
  • Each plank of this flooring is precisely constructed out of a number of layers. This creates a stable floor that is more superior when compared with the traditional tongue and groove style.
  • Oak flooring is resistant to humidity meaning it doesn’t move like other timber flooring, which is always a plus considering the Australian climate.
  • Oak is a hardwearing floor due to its multi-layered construction and it’s ideal for areas that receive heavy footfall.
  • And while it’s more expensive than most other types of timber flooring, it will last much longer if it’s properly maintained.
  • Oak Flooring offers superior resistance to humidity

Undecided about the type of flooring you want? Want to know more about our firestreak timber floors? If so, we can help you choose. You can contact us our team today by calling (03) 5222 8425.