Oak Timber Flooring Geelong

Our collection of engineered hardwood oak flooring is available in a range of colours and finishes. From brushed pastels to striking ebony, we have a colour suitable for any project.


These wide planks capture european style and flair to transform the modern Australian home with stunning effect. Being “engineered” means that the plank is precisely constructed out of a number of wood layers creating an extremely stable timber flooring option that is far superior to traditional solid tongue and groove timber flooring.


Over the past 5 years we have seen a growth in the use of engineered timber flooring and, in particular, the use of oak as the top layer. Oak is renowned for its texture and unique grain which distinguishes it from other hardwoods. When colour is applied to oak, the grain and texture is dramatically highlighted. Natural and light tones create a warm coastal feel whereas darker, smokier colours produce a rich and powerful effect. Finished with either a low maintenance UV surface lacquer or nourishing natural oil, Kemellies has an oak floor for any project.


Oak Floor Boards Geelong

When glued down directly to the subfloor, whether that be a concrete slab or timber base, engineered oak flooring gives an identical appearance and feel of a solid wood floor. The great benefit of this flooring is that not only does it match solid wood flooring in terms of looks, effect and feel but it excels in stability and upkeep. Whereas solid timber flooring naturally moves in response to local conditions inside the home, engineered oak flooring is exceptional in its resistance to changes in humidity. This is especially apparent when solid timber flooring shrinks as a result of moisture loss naturally creating gaps between boards. Due to its precise multi layered construction, engineered oak flooring offers superior gap resistance and gives the home owner peace of mind coupled with the ease of repair if necessary.


Optimising certified hardwood resources and using modern technology, engineered oak flooring is created using up to 10 times more flooring per tree than traditional solid hardwood timber flooring. This makes engineered oak flooring the smart, modern and environmentally conscious option for any timber flooring project.





What could be nicer than a traditional oak floor? If you’re planning to install an oak floor in your home or business premises, don’t do anything without visiting Kemellies flooring showroom in Geelong. We’re specialists in supplying and fitting all kinds of timber flooring, including top quality oak flooring.

When you visit our showroom, you’ll find that we stock a stunning collection of engineered hardwood oak floorboards that will complement any room setting. Available in a range of colours and finishes, it really is the best selection of oak flooring Geelong has available.

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Quality oak flooring in range of colours and finishes to suit every room in your home

We stock one of the widest choices of oak timber flooring Geelong has available, from brushed pastel finishes to the darkest ebony. Each oak timber plank is constructed using a number of wood layers to create a flooring option that’s extremely stable, and which outperforms traditional solid tongue and groove timber flooring.

It’s the perfect medium for creating an oak floating floor that looks just like a solid timber floor but is much easier to maintain and keep looking good for longer.

Visit our showroom for one of the best selections of oak flooring in Geelong

We like to think that we offer local residents and businesses one of the best selections of quality oak flooring Geelong has available. In fact, we’ve got a growing reputation for being the kind of suppliers of oak floors Geelong residents trust to supply and fit their Tasmanian oak timber floors.

We have oak floors for all kinds of projects, from oak flooring that’s finished with a low maintenance UV surface lacquer that’s suitable for any room in the house to floorboards that have been treated with a nourishing natural oil.

So as you can see, there’s an oak flooring solution for every room and every budget. If you’d like to visit our flooring showroom to see the quality of our oak flooring for yourself, we’re open five days a week from Monday to Friday, although we will open by special arrangement on Saturday.

Call us on (03) 5222 8425 to book your appointment.

Keep your engineered oak flooring looking as good as the day it was laid

When you make the decision to lay oak flooring in your home, you’ll not only get to enjoy the beautiful natural ambience that oak floorboards bring, but a floor surface that’s easy to keep looking good for years with minimal maintenance. 

If you’ve chosen to install oak timber flooring, Geelong flooring specialists Kemellies have a few tips to enable you to keep your oak floating floor looking as good as the day it was laid. 

Protect your new oak floor by using mats on the main traffic areas

If you’ve made the investment in oak flooring Geelong homeowners will find that using mats in the main traffic areas, especially at entrance doors, will greatly extend the life of your new floor. 

These will prevent dirt and fine particles of grit from scratching and damaging the surface, especially when it’s moved around with wet feet. 

Use the correct cleaning solutions for your oak floor

While keeping your new oak floor clean with a lightly damp cloth or mop is a great way to remove light stains and surface dirt, if your floor has an oiled finish it’s advisable to use an oil or soap cleaning product that’s been specially formulated for this kind of floor. 

If you need any further advice on cleaning oiled oak floors, Geelong homeowners should speak to one of our knowledgeable team here at Kemellies.

Never steam clean your oak wood floor

Never be tempted to steam clean any kind of oak floor, including Tasmanian oak timber floors, as the pressure of the machine will push water into the wood surface, affecting both the form and the look of the floor. Too much water will cause excessive expansion of the floor, so avoid these machines at all costs. 

However, it’s fine to use a buffer on your oak flooring

If you have some difficult surface dirt or stains on your oak wood flooring, Geelong timber flooring experts Kemellies would recommend buffing the floor with a slow speed buffer. 

For the best results and to ensure that you protect your expensive new floor from damage, always use specialist products, or those that have been recommended by the manufacturer. 

Be aware that furniture can damage your new oak floor

Fitting chairs and other furniture legs with felt pads will help to prevent the damage caused by the pressure of the legs. If any of your furniture has castors, be sure to place them with appropriate sized protection cups to prevent them from moving around too much. 

And don’t forget, if you do need any advice at all on choosing, buying, fitting or maintaining your new oak flooring, Geelong oak floor specialists Kemellies are more than happy to help. 

The best place in Geelong for oak wood flooring

There’s no doubt about it, oak wood flooring is perfect for creating both traditional and contemporary flooring solutions. It gives the look of solid wood flooring without the upkeep, and comes in a range of colourways to complement any colour scheme.

And with prices as good as ours, whether you’d like to lay oak wood floors in your home or in your business premises, you’ll find that Kemellies are the best suppliers and fitters of oak wood flooring Geelong has available. But don’t take our word for it. Come and see for yourself.

Kemellies specializes in quality timber flooring in Melbourne, including Melbourne firestreak timber flooring, parquet timber flooring.

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